Because hey, Jammit screwed us...


I will be away for a well-deserved break (I think!) from August 20 to October 12, 2018. During this time, I will not have a computer so making any changes to ht database of registered users will not be possible until I return. The good news is that purchases from the App store iOS are unaffected, and the purchase of Crammit for Mac from this website will be unaffected. The only impact to loyal users is that separate download Access via the website will not be enabled until I return.

Really want to thank all the users for their support and enthusiasm for this project. It's been a helluva year, and George needs a beer and some sun!

Mac Version Audio Engine Update

Finally got the new Core Audio based audio engine dropped into the Mac version for Crammit 1.3.0b6. There is a startling difference. The audio seems clearer to me, and the looping is much, much tighter. So now the same audio engine (with a couple of tweaks for the two platforms is running in the iOS and Mac OS version! Gone are the special audio-only Quicktime movies to playback multitrack audio. Now the pure AIFF linear PCM streams that Crammit decompresses are used for playback on all platforms. Woot!

Great Leap Forward

Both new versions of Crammit for iOS have been approved and are on the App Store!

This is significant, as the audio engine has been completely re-written. Previous versions created a special audio-only Quicktime movie that contained separate audio tracks. It worked okay, but looping was cumbersome, and on lower end machines, CPU demand was so high that it caused audio dropouts, which does not make for a great user experience.
Soooooo… I gutted the whole damn thing and replaced it with a Core Audio graph. Thankfully, using the obscure AVAudioEngine wrapper classes, it did not take long. The results are stunning. Crystal clear audio, much lower CPU demand, and seamless looping with no dropouts. The Time Stretching sounds better than the original Jammit does! Very pleased with that, to say the least.

There are also two added perks as a result of this re-write. First, it opens the door to allowing the app to record, as well as play. Of course, that will be in the future, but it is possible using the new audio engine. Secondly, the apps now support AudioBus, so the audio form Crammit can be used as input to other apps like GarageBand.

Now, to drop the new engine into the Mac OS version, and I think I can take a break…

iPhone Too!

ipHone version released

Version 1.1.1

Looks like most of the initial kinks for the iOS player have been worked out. Everyone has been really supportive and helpful in identifying the myriad quirks of all the different hardware and OS combinations. This would be a lot easier if there were more of me, a real QA department, and a bevy of proper hardware to test on! Just waiting today for Apple approval, and then release…

I'm taking a break for a couple of days. This project seems to have taken over my life for the last month and half or so!